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Cultivating Holistic Growth 
Mind | Body | Spirit

We do not experience lasting change because we try to change incorrectly.

The good news is that we can learn how to change.

“Helping others cultivate a life of meaning, longevity, and fulfillment by breaking barriers of limiting beliefs, trauma, and unhealed internal wounds."

- Colleena's Mission



Colleena Carlisle is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Personal Trainer (CPT), Nutrition Coach (PN1), and Health and Wellness Coach in Minnesota. She has a BA in Sociology: Law & Criminal Deviance and several specialty certifications. 

Motto: "What is firmly rooted cannot be blown away."

"When something does not have a solid foundation, it's bound to fall over and not stand firm during the storms. After many storms and crashes in my own life, I realized the importance of having a foundation (roots) in every area of life. It was not until I rooted my life mentally, physically, and spiritually that I started to mold into becoming the best version of myself.


I believe everyone can become the best version of themselves. Not by a quick fix, a self-help speech, a temporary diet, a new relationship, or by obtaining more money. Only by becoming securely rooted in who they are, what they value, their purpose, and true identity. 


As a trainer and coach, I am dedicated to helping every client become rooted, see their potential, align with their purpose, and achieve their goals their way."


"We repeat what we do not uproot."

Get Rooted.

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