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My goal is to help others uproot the bad habits (weeds)

and replace them with healthier ones that help them

achieve their life goals and become the best version of themselves. 

For me, to be rooted means to be mentally, physically, and spiritually whole and grounded. When I visualize myself as a rooted individual, I see a tree.  My faith in God is my main root, the foundation, and the most sustainable part. My mind and what is on the inside are the branches that stem from the tree trunk. They help shape me as an individual. My physical health, outside appearances, and actions are the leaves and beautiful fruit that grow from the branches. It is the result of my inner workings. 

My passion is to help as many individuals as possible to become rooted, healed, inspired, healthy, dedicated, and fully purpose-driven.  

Colleena Carlisle

Passionate About Inspiring Others

"Why give a man a fish when you can teach him how to fish?" Before embarking on this journey, I asked myself this question. To help others, I don't want to give them a simple meal plan or a book to read but actually teach them how to create and sustain their own individualized healthy eating patterns and lifestyle habits that last the rest of their lives. I do not approach health as a "quick fix" or "simple step" solution. Habits are built over time and many of our habits are rooted in our emotions, upbringing, trauma, and overall experiences. To break some habits, we must first unmask the root cause and bring healing to that area.

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  • Certified NASM Personal Trainer

  • Certified NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

  • Certified PN Nutrition Coach

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Certified Sports Coach

  • Certified Positive Psychology Level One Coach

  • Certified Trauma Informed Coach

  • Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coach

  • ICF Credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC)


  • Life Coach 5+ years

  • Sports Coach 7+ years

  • Personal Trainer 8+ years

  • Collegiate Athlete Expertise

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